Knittings & Things was founded in November of 2012.  I had recently broken my ankle and needed something to do so I wouldn't be bored while sitting at home with a huge cast on my leg.  I remembered I had some knitting needles in a art container I had stashed away along with some yarn.  I searched Youtube and one video later I was knitting!  At first my knittings weren't that good. They were holey, uneven and messy but after a little practice and a lot of determination I began to make amazing things with my little set of needles.


I have always loved fashion and loved the idea of making my own clothes. A lot of the designers I saw didn't have anything that I really liked and that made me feel like most of the things I saw in ads or in stores weren't made for me. I thought how cool would it be if I had a say so in what is being made for me to wear.  I got the idea of letting my customers tell me the specifics of what they want from that.  Knittings & Things is a combination of my own style and creativity.  I make what ever the customer wants.  I call myself a jack of all trades because I can literally make almost anything with my hands.  You name it, I can most likely make it.  I love having the opportunity to show my creativity and change the lives of others one stitch at a time.  


My brand has no labels on it.  So often we label ourselves this or society labels us that, why should the clothes we wear label us?  Clothes are supposed to comfort you and that's just what my brand does.  Makes you comfortable with who you are and shows the world that you are more than just a label.

Knittings & Things is a small business and we thrive on customized items and serving our customers the best way possible. 


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